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Get strong, natural, backlinks on a monthly basis from reputable websites. Become a source that is cited in reputable publications. We assist you in effectively and predictably acquiring HARO® (Help A Reporter Out® ) link opportunities for your brand.

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What is HARO?

HARO Link Building Service

HARO (help a reporter out) is a useful method to acquire links from high-authority sites, which is extremely beneficial to SEO performance.

The idea is simple: Journalists, writers, and bloggers are seeking out authoritative sources on a wide range of topics.

Although a simple concept, the strategy for success requires professionals.

Obtaining coverage is considerably more difficult than sending out the occasional response when you come across a suitable link opportunity every now and then.

Companies that use a scattergun approach, while investing time and effort, fail to see their submissions accepted and links don’t get delivered.

Using a HARO link creation service such as ours is a fantastic way to quickly create branded links for your business.

We have systems and processes in place to ensure we maximise the chances of acceptance. Plus due to our experience, we know what journalists like to see, and have developed personal connections with many of them too.


Get Backlinks From Sites Like These:

Using Our HARO strategies, we’ve managed to acquire links from sites such as these (and many more) for our clients.

OutRank Competitors NZ Forbes HARO Link
OutRank Competitors NZ Business Insider HARO Link
OutRank Competitors NZ Vice HARO Link
OutRank Competitors NZ Cloudways HARO Link
OutRank Competitors NZ Jot Form HARO Link


Why Choose HARO Links?

Safe & Future-Proof Backlinks

HARO links are safe and trusted white-hat links, they are some of the best that you can get. Don’t put your busienss at risk buy buying cheap, low-quality backlinks from websites that have been spammed to death by SEO’s. Low quality links like these either get filtered out by Google, or wose – Manual penalties and de-indexing.

Supercharge Your Website & Brand

Links acquired from using this subscription are a combination of all the things that Google loves. Trusted websites, quality content, and loads of organic traffic, which means they are exactly what you need to improve your own search rankings and start getting more relevant organic traffic to your website.

Become An Industry Authority

When paired with a quality content and on-page strategy, HARO links provide you with the trust and authority needed to help outrank your competitors and become a leader in your industry. Don’t let your competition find us first!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Are HARO Links Really White Hat?

Referencing Google’s guidelines, “Any links intended to manipulate PageRank or a site’s ranking in Google search results may be considered part of a link scheme and a violation of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. This includes any behavior that manipulates links to your site or outgoing links from your site.

Within that document, they’ve almost made it so that any form of SEO or link building breaks their TOS.

Why? Single Variable Testing shows links are still one of the core parts of Google’s algorithm to rank websites in search, and they don’t want the game to be easily manipulated due to the amount of money involved.

It is also in their best interest to use scare tactics, leading you to believe that SEO is too difficult, or is ‘black hat’.

They make their money through Ads and hope that this ensures you become a paying customer. Which we have no problem with and also suggest as part of a broader marketing campaign for most businesses. 

HARO provides journalists and industry experts a way to connect and share/obtain information. Occasionally the company and brand name may be referenced within published content that a reporter chooses to use. 

  • We don’t exchanging money with reporters for links, or posts that contain links.
  • We don’t exchange goods or services with reporters for links, nor do we give them free products for links.
  • We don’t use reciprical linking strategies – (you link to me, I link to you)

Essentially, we cover many bases by providing HARO link building services, and this is essentially one of the most white hat forms of link building you can get. 

What Do You Need From Me to Begin HARO Link Building?

Initially we’ll be in contact so that we can check out your website, current rankings, and work through our processes to determine if you are a good fit for our services – we don’t take on everyone, and want to ensure that you’ll benefit from the links we can build. 

Once we’re ready to begin. We will need a short bio of the person who we’ll be writing on behalf of within your company. We must have permission to use someone credible and of authority in your company. Such as a CEO, entrepreneur, or someone in high positions so that we can answer queries about business, HR, management, etc. This drastically improves success rates, and we will not work with companies not willing to grant this. 

A domain email of the person we are writing on behalf of is preferred. If you aren’t able to supply us with one, we’ll seek out a very similar domain such as .net .info etc and create an email account on your behalf for us to use. 

We also need a headshot of the person we’re writing on behalf of. Some journalists and reporters like to include these in any publications. 

Aside from that, we have everything we need to get started building links. 

How Do I Know What Work Is Being Completed?

We understand that business owners are busy people, so we keep things nice and simple by providing a live Google Sheet such as this example

where we show the pitches we’ve made so far along with any other relevant information about the site. 

Any links that go live will also be highlighted in the sheet and you’ll only be charged for links that are published and accepted on the sites we are pitching to.

Do You Guarantee Links With HARO?

Due to the nature of HARO links, it is very difficult to know what will be accepted by reporters. 

We have vast experience and developed connections with reporters therefore we have a good idea what generally works. But we will never guarantee to get you published on a certain website through HARO. 

That is why we’ve decided to offer the service only charging for a delivered, live link, but will not guarantee what website accepts a pitch.

That way it is easier and fair for you, while also incentivising us to work hard on your campaigns to provide better pitches which are more likely to be accepted resulting in more links delivered. 

Please reach out if you have any other questions about this or anything else. 

Will My Site Rank in Google With HARO Links?

We do our best to pre-qualify clients and websites before taking them on as a link building client. 

However SEO is more than just delivering links. You need a full strategy the encompases on-page, technical factors, competitor analysis, content marketing, and off-page. 

HARO links will provide you with backlinks from highly credible, powerful, and trusted websites which does in most cases result in an uptake in organic rankings and traffic. 

Clients that have many of the other things covered, but lack the power and authority needed to beat their competitors tend to benefit much greater than something link a brand new website that was only put together last month

Talk to us about your situation, every project is different and we can help work out the best strategy going forward to maximise results.

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